How Long Do You Have to Bring a Claim? |

You do not accept an broad aeon in which to accompany a claim. To anticipate individuals from getting sued for contest that transpired abounding years ahead (when all affirmation of these contest is acceptable to be difficult to locate or in poor condition) legislators accept set a time absolute on how continued you accept to accompany a claim.

Why Might You Delay to Accompany A Claim?

If you accept been afflicted because of anyone else’s negligence, the aboriginal affair you’re traveling to wish to do is to alleviate and get better. Some humans acquisition bringing a affirmation to be a actual demanding acquaintance and putting yourself beneath a akin of accent while you are afflicted is not traveling to be benign to you in any way.

Bringing a affirmation is consistently easier if you apperceive absolutely what you are claiming for, a affirmation for a torn leg that took 12 months to alleviate absolutely will be far easier to amount than a affirmation for a still healing torn leg that we do not yet apperceive how continued it will yield to heal. It is accessible to appraisal but ciphering consistently runs the blow of getting inaccurate and already you accept acclimatized a affirmation you cannot go aback to the Defendant for added advantage because you acclimatized to low.

How Continued do you Have?

While it is astute to delay until you accept healed afore you accede bringing a affirmation for banking compensation, due to the accent complex in bringing a affirmation as able-bodied as the difficulties complex in account an abrasion that could yield six weeks or six months to heal. You cannot delay indefinitely.

For a claimed abrasion affirmation such as a slip/trip injury, alley cartage accidents, abrasion at work, etc. you will accept three years to accomplish a claim. That is three years from the date of your blow afore you accept to abode a affirmation anatomy with the Cloister and pay the Cloister fee.

If the being who suffered the apathy and the abrasion is a child, for acknowledged purposes this agency a being who is beneath the age of 18, again the three-year borderline does not run from the date of their accident. Instead, their limitation alarm will alpha the admission from the date of their 18th birthday. This agency that a being afflicted if they were beneath 18 accept to put a affirmation anatomy in with the Cloister and pay the Cloister fee by their 21st birthday.

If your abrasion was acquired by an advance and you are bringing a affirmation to the Criminal Injuries Advantage Authority (CICA) you alone accept two years to accompany a claim.

If you intend to use a adviser to accompany your claim, again it is awful appropriate that you access one afore your limitation deadline. I would acclaim at atomic six months or added afore your limitation borderline runs out. This is to accord your attorneys time to absolutely investigate your claim, by accepting your medical records, reviewing these, instructing a medical expert, accepting and reviewing the report, artful your abeyant banking losses as able-bodied as the amount of your injury. All of these jobs yield time, and already a affirmation anatomy is issued by the Court, your affirmation becomes accountable to a Cloister calendar and deadlines. If for whatever reason, you and your adviser cannot accomplish a borderline set down by the Cloister you accept to put an appliance to the Cloister allurement for added time, at the time of autograph this commodity the fee to put in an appliance is £100.00.

What Happens if You Absence Your Limitation Deadline

If you abort to affair a affirmation anatomy with the Cloister afore your three-year borderline has anesthetized your affirmation will be statute barred. This agency that by law you will not be able to accompany a claim, you will accept absent your befalling to boldness your affirmation and potentially accept banking advantage for your injury.

It is accessible for you to abode a affirmation afterwards the three-year borderline has anesthetized and again altercate in Cloister that you accept a acceptable acumen for missing the borderline and the Cloister should acquiesce your affirmation to proceed. However, this is a chancy access to take, actual risky. If you absence your borderline by so abundant as a day, you blow accident the appropriate to accompany your claim, and you will lose any money you accept paid in Cloister Fees, able fees and any added amount incurred to accompany your claim.

A acceptable alibi is actual subjective, what you accept to be a acceptable alibi could be actual altered to what the cloister believes is a acceptable excuse. But, to be clear, benightedness is not a acceptable excuse. You will be actual absurd to accomplish with the alibi that you were blind of the limitation borderline until you lodged your affirmation form.


In conclusion, you should now accept an compassionate of limitation and why it is astute to sometimes delay a while afore bringing a affirmation but why you should still accumulate an eye on your limitation deadline. You should now aswell accept an compassionate of the after-effects of missing your limitation deadline.